The New Normal Hospitality Protocol - Front Office Nusa Dua Resort

Ayodya Resort Bali
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Front Office

Keep your hands clean: wash your hands under running water before meals, after coughing, after using the toilet, no shaking hands after touching money, or getting out of public transport, arriving at your workplace.

Wear a mask in public area. Cover your mouth and nose with tissues or your elbows when you cough or sneeze to prevent the droplets from spreading.

Maintain air circulation inside buildings.

Adopt healthy and safe food safety routines: use separate and disinfected cutting boards and knives for raw and cooked food. Cook food well.

Do the physical distancing.


“Put the safety, health, and security of travelers and the travel & tourism workforce at the core of the development of global Protocols.”

“New Normal” Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Font Office
– Bellman
Font Office
– Greeter
Font Office
– Guest Relation Officer
Font Office
– Guest Service Attendant


“New Normal” Social Distancing Norms

Font Office
– Line between of arrival and desk.
Font Office
– Reception.
Font Office
– Guest Relation Desk.


“New Normal” Safety Policies

Font Office
– Health Declaration Form.
– Sanitized and used pens box.
Font Office

Font Office

Font Office

– Hand Sanitizer for Guests (Completed with MSDS info, with pump on every Desk) Concierge, GRO, GSA, Assistant Manager.



Font Office
– 2 Persons per elevator.
– Social Distancing and Protection marking.


Back office

“All back-office & management are implement cleaning campaign, ensure hand sanitizer and disinfectant tools provided in all sections.”



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