The New Normal Hospitality Protocol - General Norms Nusa Dua Resort

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General Norms

Keep your hands clean: wash your hands under running water before meals, after coughing, after using the toilet, no need shaking hands after touching money, or getting out of public transport, arriving at your workplace.

Wear a mask in a public area.

Cover your mouth and nose with tissues or your elbows when you cough or sneeze to prevent the droplets from spreading.

Maintain air circulation inside buildings.

Adopt healthy and safe food safety routines: use separate and disinfected cutting boards and knives for raw and cooked food. Cook food well.

Do physical distancing.


“Put the safety, health, and security of travelers and the travel & tourism workforce at the core of the development of global Protocols.”

Front Office

Font Office

The room card must be effectively disinfected before it is reused.

Suggest online banking transfer rather than taking the guest’s credit card.

Disinfect the desk, tables, chairs and frequently touched office equipment. Provide a disinfectant sprayer for hands and cloth.

Disinfect for bellboy counter, reception counter, guest relation counter, telephones, transportations desk, and ATM for every 2 hours starting from 7 am.

The lobby toilet must be disinfected and cleaned every hour. Hand sanitizer must be available.

Safe distance protocol in Lobby area.

Maximum 2 (two) passenger inside the lift.

All front office personnel should take the necessary precautions such as regular hands sanitizing & wearing Personal Protection.




Nine major areas frequently touched In-Room daily cleaning program.

Ventilate all rooms daily and disinfect room furniture, handles, faucets and sanitary ware.

Encourage guests to reuse towels to reduce the risk of cross infection.

Clean the floor drain with diluted disinfectant.

Provide in room disinfectant sprayer, provide disinfectant cloth and face mask.

Special cleaning program for every Checked Out room- Disinfect the area using power mist blower and let the room vacant for 1 day (24Hours).

Clean the floor drain with diluted disinfectant. Provide in-room disinfectant sprayer and provide disinfectant cloth to clean the rooms by changed daily, washed, and circulate.

All elevator doors, lift buttons, public telephones, furnitures are disinfect every 2 hours daily starting from 7 am.




Regularly ventilate the restaurant hall.

Increase the distance of all restaurant tables to optimize the dining environment.

All staff washes and disinfect hands thoroughly before the service.

Ensure to sterilized all the served dishes.

The restaurant’s menu must be disinfected every day.




All staff entering the kitchen must be disinfected and should wash their hands thoroughly

No outside people including suppliers to enter the kitchen area.

Daily disinfect all kitchen equipment.

Strictly apply food safety rules, raw and cooked should be placed separately.

Cover all food, spices and cooking utensils.

Dispose of waste immediately.

Clean and disinfect exhaust grille and kitchen drains.

All kitchen staff must be wearing a mask.


Public Spaces & Laundry

Public Spaces & Laundry

All staff should wear a mask and gloves.

Daily ventilate all areas in the laundry room.

Daily ventilate meeting rooms before and after use, disinfect all furniture, microphones, markers, and handles.




Provide Thermo scanner at staff entrance, main lobby entrance, The Ayodya Palace entrance and receiving area.

Provide a clear announcement for staff and guest upon entering the hotel area.

Body check temperature for all staff and guest. If temperature above 37,5oC is measured, refer the person to the doctor. Refuse entrance to the hotel.


Back office

“all team members to adhere to the new normal sanitation protocol”



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